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Topics and reasons to attend

Which topics are in focus ?

  • Creativity, Innovation, Design, Strategy
  • Startup-Funding & -Support
  • Corporate Identity and Competitive Intelligence
  • Innovative consulting and learning approaches
  • Social Media Marketing & Open Innovation

 5 good reasons to participate:

  1. Highly relevant Keynotes and short lectures
  2. Crossfunctional ‘out of the box’ networking
  3. High degree of session interactivity
  4. Momentum gained in conference forms a pathway to innovation
  5. High class conference and social program

Benefits for cluster managers

  • Network directly with like-minded people for joint results
  • Have consultants of choice advance your issues on the spot or develop new ideas
  • Widen your skill set and perspective on areas relevant to innovation
  • Obtain further insights into tools relevant for innovation in networks

Benefits for Consultants:

  • Network directly with like-minded people for shared results
  • Get to know new, innovative consulting approaches
  • Show your service offerings and evidence your capabilities live on site to potential customers

Benefits for young entrepreneurs/startups

  • Get to know numerous innovative consultants and potential new customers
  • Obtain deeper insights into innovation techniques
  • Experience active support as part of workshops
  • Collaboration opportunities

Benefits for business partners

  • Select your competent consultants of choice to participate in forward looking workshops
  • See your issues being advanced in customer-focussed workshops
  • Develop new business ideas and strategies jointly with other participants
  • Collaboration opportunities
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